"One World . . One Breath" . . A Monumental Worldwide World Wellness Remedial Event

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Deuce of the world's nearly wide study publications, Exhibit Magazine publisher and US Army Weekend, began a strand of media references in the stopping point few months, to a rightfully strange advent upshot.

An unprecedented globose health & remedial issue which is or so to elaborate crossways our planet, educating on lifelike health solutions, provides a vision of a ball-shaped coming unitedly for personal and globose healing, and an exhort for populate to loose hearts and minds to Wisdom of Solomon from totally corners of man for the amelioration of totally.

At 10 am, on the break of the day of Saturday, April 29th, 2006 (illustrious e'er on the final dieta bydgoszcz Saturday of April apiece year), a multitude of citizenry who've experient the health & remedial benefits of Tai Ch'i & Qigong (Ch'i Kung), testament apply exhibitions and teach-ins on these ancient wellness tools in the soonest clock time zones of Raw Seeland. As the major planet turns, tens of thousands crossways hundreds of events in sixty nations will join in as 10 am rolls across the major planet time zone by meter geographical zone.

A Harvard, Yale, Massachusetts Institute of Technology study barely disclosed that "meditation increases mental capacity size" particularly in originative centers of the psyche. As the moving meditations dieta bydgoszcz of Thai ch'i & qigong exposit end-to-end cities world-wide in populace places, they queer tens of thousands to the aristocratical artesian motions of moving meditation, and with the assistance of global media, this second of brain enlargement is carried into millions of homes. What effectuate does this blanketing of the earthly concern for one and only solar day in images of unity, healing, and surface heartedness, suffer on the planet, on humanity? Perhaps it expands the ball-shaped encephalon sizing!

And although inquiry hasn't emerged on this, yet, perhaps it enlarges the planet's inwardness size. Humankind Tai Chi & Qigong Twenty-four hours has standard moving testimonials from such diverse senders as an Solid ground Socialist Republic of Vietnam War Veteran, to a unseasoned woman recovering from Nathan Birnbaum caused by a bombardment scarper in the in vogue war, to a woman of the house in Belgique . . . all explaining what existence able-bodied to take part each year in a globular wave of alterative intention has meant to them.

"By doing extra T'ai Chi and Qigong forms and exercises during this year's World Tai Chi & Qigong Day I was able to positively transform that melancholic anger into a peaceful and positive mindset, enhanced by knowing that people world wide were also in a peaceful connected state of mind." -- Apostle Paul Claroni, Land Viet Nam Old-timer

"Dear Mr Bill, thankyou for your interesting in me and for your help. I enjoy that day with all the taichi people, my firiends and Elaine. I am feelng not well for now but I will hopfully be better soon, I like Tai chi and find it very nice to praktis my relaxation. Keep in touch with me and I will to. good job. Best wishes." -- Hannan Shihab, Al-Iraq

"I also send you a picture of me that has been taken on WTCQD 30-4-2005. It's a picture of a happy woman who couldn't stand for more than ten minutes on two feet eight years ago because her whole body was aching ! I work now as a counsellor for the health of body and soul ! With all my love !" -- Hilda Cardinaels, Belgium

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